Anthony Randall


Artist Statement

My mixed-media paintings depict a static moment in the lifecycle of various materials. They tell a visual story without a viewable beginning or ending. You can imagine picking up a strange used novel, opening to page 138, and starting to read. The words would be familiar, but the meaning would lack clarity without context.

Each painting contains a macro- and a micro-narrative. There is a larger story that transcends what is visible, from the selection of materials, to how they were purchased, to the bumps and scrapes from transportation, and so on. The story of the painting begins before a drop of pigment is applied. The micro-narrative begins when the artist and viewer assign meaning to the visual elements.

My paintings are part of an ever changing, messy environment and contain hair, dust, scratches, and unintentional spills. The materials used in the paintings add to this ongoing story of human interactions. Used bed sheets and found objects contain a greater history than sterile store-bought canvas. My artwork is inspired by the writings of Lau Tzu, coupled with Burroughsian cut-ups and the scrappy, warts-and-all recordings of lo-fi punk rockers.

As an artist and early childhood educator, I greatly enjoy the ‘process’ involved in creating artwork. I am continually inspired by children’s unselfconscious approach to making art. The end product is not a concern. My artwork exits within the dichotomy of structured, careful planning and expressive, carefree abandon.


2011-present University of Newcastle, Master of Educational Studies, Callaghan, NSW, Australia
2002-2003 Humber College (ECE), Toronto, ON
1996-1999 Ontario College of Art and Design (AOCAD, Drawing and Painting), Toronto, ON
1996-1997 York University (Fine Arts – Visual Arts), Toronto, ON

Major Awards

1999 OCAD Medal (Drawing and Painting), Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, ON

Solo Exhibitions

2002 Crosswords, Queen Mother Cafe, Toronto, ON
2001 Ghostrunner, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, ON
2000 Letter Bomb, Crying Room Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1999 Lost and Found, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, ON

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 I.LL SLEEP WHEN I.M DEAD, The White House Studio Project, Toronto, ON
2002 Whole, presented by AWOL Gallery, 376 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON
2002 Art Strikes Back, 376 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON
2002 Exit, Acadia Gallery, Toronto, ON
2002 Open Studio, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, ON
2002 Wreck Room, Art System, Toronto, ON
2001 Standard, presented by AWOL Gallery, 376 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON
2000 Blindness, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, ON
2000 Collision, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON
1999 Transformers, OCAD Gallery, Toronto, ON
1999 Recent Works, Anoush Gallery, Toronto, ON
1999 OCAD Medal Winners, Atrium Gallery, OCAD, Toronto, ON

Juried Exhibitions

1999 39th Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON


2002 Eye Magazine, Best Bet, March 28, 2002
2002 Lola, Summer 2002, Shotgun Review on p. 87
2001 Lola, Summer 2001, Shotgun Review on p. 82
1999 OCAD Sketch, Fall 1999, Cover artist


  • Mixed media
  • painting